Guarantee on WPC composite products

  • Toowin was recommended by my supplier in China. very honest and professional.

  • We are very pleased with our terrace, Toowin is good supplier in China.

  • We recieved the samples. They looks good. Thank you. We can discuss about an order after Spring festival in February aprox.

  • I just received the samples. I really like them. It fits very well into our aluminum frame system. There are so many colors it is hard to choose which ones we like the best.

HomeWPC Composite Product List

The following form is for you to find easily what you request. Before reading the following form, please note all the products on the form are based on the product drawings, and the sorting rules are for all the following different types of the WPC composite products which are based on the board width and the thickness from small to large.

If you have questions or find what you like on the form, you can contact with our sales managers, they can provide you the real photos, or you can read it on our sales website:

PE Co-extrusion Composite Decking (Toowin™ improved)

No.Model No. Section Drawing Section SizeKgs/mNo.Model No. Section Drawing Section SizeKgs/m
01TWCL 50-50manufacturer for sale50*50mm0.87 02TWCL 50-21manufacturer for sale50*50mm1.38
03TWCS 10-70wpc decking70*10mm0.8504TWCH 23-138Fmanufacturer for sale138*23mm2.90
05TWCH 23-138Hcheap composite decking from china138*23mm2.7106TWCS 23-138manufacturer for sale138*23mm3.85
07TWCY 23-138cheap capped composite deck from china138*23mm2.9008TWCY 23-138Swood plastic composite138*23mm3.71
09TWCH 23-140Bmanufacturer for sale140*23mm2.7810TWCH 25-140manufacturer for sale140*25mm2.85
11TWCH 21-145Jmanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.6112TWCH 21-145Lmanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.73
13TWCH24-145manufacturer for sale145*24mm2.7914

PE Co-extrusion Composite Fence&Rail (Toowin™ improved)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/mNo.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TWCH 50-50WPC RAILING50*50mm1.24 02TWCH 40-90capped  composite railing90*40mm2.16
03TWCH 60-120WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSIE RAILING120*60mm2.9304TWCH 120-120wpc post120*120mm5.80
05TWCH 15-138capped composite fence138*15mm2.5706TWCH 21-150wood plastic composite fence150*21mm1.92

PE Co-extrusion Composite Wall Cladding (Toowin™ improved)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TWCS 13-144manufacturer for sale144*13mm2.1102TWCH 21-156manufacturer for sale156*21mm1.70
03TWCH 26-219A/Bwood plastic wall cladding219*26mm2.9104TWCH 21-156cheap composite wall cladding from China226*27mm2.94

3D Wood Grain Composite Decking (Toowin™ unique)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/mNo.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TW3D 45-95wpc decking95*45*25mm2.4302TW3D 25-140wpc decking140*25mm2.80
03TW3D 21-145wpc decking145*21mm2.4204TW3D 22-145manufacturer for sale145*22mm3.06
05TW3D 23-145manufacturer for sale145*32mm2.6706TW3D 24-148manufacturer for sale148*24mm2.74
07TW3D 22-150manufacturer for sale150*22mm2.3508TW3D 25-1503D wpc decking150*25mm2.65

3D Wood Grain Composite Fence (Toowin™ unique)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/mNo.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TW3D 20-140manufacturer for sale140*20mm2.0002TW3D 21-150Hmanufacturer for sale150*21mm2.30

3D Wood Grain Composite Wall Cladding (Toowin™ unique)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/mNo.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TW3D 21-156manufacturer for sale156*21mm1.8402

Traditional Composite Decking (Toowin™ traditional)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/mNo.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TWS 25-40AWPC joist40*25mm1.0002TWH 25-40Bmanufacturer for sale40*25mm0.82
03TWH 30-40manufacturer for sale40*30mm1.0104TWS 10-50manufacturer for sale50*10mm0.68
05TWH 30-50WPC JOIST50*30mm1.1206TWY 50-50wood plastic composite50*50mm0.77
07TWS 10-66wpc trim66*10mm0.9108TWS 10-70wpc trim70*10mm1.10
09TWH 25-100manufacturer for sale100*25mm1.9510TWH 56-120manufacturer for sale120*50*25mm3.02
11TWH 25-135Dmanufacturer for sale135*25mm2.3312TWH 25-135Hmanufacturer for sale135*25mm2.44
13TWH 25-135Imanufacturer for sale135*25mm2.5214TWH 23-138manufacturer for sale138*23mm3.06
15TWS 20-140manufacturer for sale140*20mm3.6016TWH 23-140manufacturer for sale140*23mm2.58
17TWH 25-140Amanufacturer for sale140*25mm2.6418TWH 25-140Bmanufacturer for sale140*25mm2.91
19TWH 25-140Cmanufacturer for sale140*25mm2.8920TWH 25-140Imanufacturer for sale140*25mm2.49
21TWH 25-140Nmanufacturer for sale140*25mm2.7622TWH 30-140manufacturer for sale140*30mm3.00
23TWH 35-140manufacturer for sale140*35mm3.1024TWH 40-140manufacturer for sale140*40mm3.57
25TWH 21-145Amanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.2126TWH 21-145Bmanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.22
27TWH 21-145Dmanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.2428TWH 21-145Emanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.18
29TWH 21-145Gmanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.6330TWH 21-145Hmanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.55
31TWH 21-145Imanufacturer for sale145*21mm2.3632TWH 22-145manufacturer for sale145*22mm2.91
33TWS 21-145manufacturer for sale145*21mm4.1334TWH 25-145manufacturer for sale145*25mm2.53
35TWH 30-145manufacturer for sale145*30mm3.3036TWS 30-145manufacturer for sale145*30mm5.40
37TWH 22-146Smanufacturer for sale146*22mm2.3138TWH 25-146manufacturer for sale146*25mm2.98
39TWH 26-146manufacturer for sale146*26mm2.7140TWH 22-147manufacturer for sale147*23mm2.78
41TWH 34-149manufacturer for sale149*34mm3.7242TWH 21-150manufacturer for sale150*21mm2.41
43TWH 22-150manufacturer for sale150*22mm2.6944TWH 24-150manufacturer for sale150*24mm3.11
45TWH 25-150Cmanufacturer for sale150*25mm3.0046TWH 25-150Dmanufacturer for sale150*25mm2.77
47TWH 25-150Emanufacturer for sale150*25mm3.0048TWH 25-150Fmanufacturer for sale150*25mm2.65
49TWH 25-150Hmanufacturer for sale150*25mm3.0350TWH 25-150Imanufacturer for sale150*25mm2.83
51TWH 25-150Kmanufacturer for sale150*25mm2.6352TWS 25-150Hmanufacturer for sale150*25mm4.65
53TWS 25-150Imanufacturer for sale150*25mm4.7054TWH 30-150Hmanufacturer for sale150*30mm2.99
55TWH 22-160manufacturer for sale160*22mm3.2356TWH 25-160manufacturer for sale160*25mm2.89
57TWH 25-174manufacturer for sale174*25mm3.2058TWH 25-200manufacturer for sale200*25mm3.75
59TWH 25-234manufacturer for sale234*25mm4.2260TWH 25-250manufacturer for sale250*25mm5.02

Traditional Composite Fence or Rail Boards (Toowin™ traditional)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/mNo.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TWH 50-50manufacturer for sale50*50mm1.4002TWH 55-55Amanufacturer for sale55*55mm1.53
03TWH 55-55Amanufacturer for sale55*55mm2.5204TWH 60-40manufacturer for sale60*40mm1.5
05TWH 65-65manufacturer for sale65*65mm1.8806TWS 16-80manufacturer for sale80*60mm1.88
07TWH 20-80manufacturer for sale80*20mm1.2808TWH 50-85manufacturer for sale85*50mm2.10
09TWH 25-89manufacturer for sale89*25mm1.4810TWH 40-90manufacturer for sale90*40mm2.50
11TWH 45-90manufacturer for sale90*45mm2.3912TWH 90-90Amanufacturer for sale90*90mm5.58
13TWH 90-90Amanufacturer for sale90*90mm4.4214TWS 10-95manufacturer for sale95*10mm1.35
15TWH15-100manufacturer for sale100*15mm1.3316TWS 16-100manufacturer for sale100*16mm2.10
17TWH 20-100manufacturer for sale100*20mm1.4518TWH 50-100Amanufacturer for sale100*50mm2.57
19TWH 50-100Bmanufacturer for sale100*50mm2.8820TWH 100-100Amanufacturer for sale100*100mm5.00
21TWH 100-100Bmanufacturer for sale100*100mm5.4522TWH 101-101manufacturer for sale101*101mm5.95
23TWS16-110manufacturer for sale110*16mm2.5624TWH 10-115Amanufacturer for sale115*10mm1.08
25TWH 10-115Bmanufacturer for sale115*10mm1.1226THS12-115manufacturer for sale115*12mm1.80
27TWH 45-115manufacturer for sale115*45mm2.5528TWH 60-120manufacturer for sale120*60mm3.98
29TWH 120-120Bmanufacturer for sale120*120mm7.5030TWH 120-120Cmanufacturer for sale120*120mm7.10
31TWH 32-137manufacturer for sale137*32mm1.7832TWS 140-10manufacturer for sale140*10mm1.75
33TWH 20-140A/Bmanufacturer for sale140*20mm2.0034TWH 22-146manufacturer for sale146*22mm2.47
35TWS 16-147manufacturer for sale147*16mm3.2036TWH21-150A/Bmanufacturer for sale150*21mm2.30
37TWH21-150Cmanufacturer for sale150*21mm2.4038TWH 24-150Bmanufacturer for sale150*24mm2.25
39TWH 25-150Lmanufacturer for sale150*25mm3.0540TWH 20-161manufacturer for sale161*20mm2.33
41TWH 21-169manufacturer for sale169*21mm2.6942TWH 25-200manufacturer for sale200*25mm2.76
43TWH manufacturer for sale203*19mm2.83

Traditional Composite Wall Cladding (Toowin™ traditional)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/mNo.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TWH 17-118manufacturer for sale118*17mm1.4502TWH 16-138manufacturer for sale138*16mm1.45
03TWH 28-172manufacturer for sale219*26mm2.2104TWH 26-219wood plastic wall cladding219*26mm2.90

Traditional Composite Other Boards (Toowin™ traditional)

No.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/mNo.Model No.Section DrawingSection SizeKgs/m
01TWS 32-57manufacturer for sale57*32mm2.3202TWS 40-80manufacturer for sale80*40mm4.00
03TWS 40-90manufacturer for sale90*40mm4.9504TWS 35-110manufacturer for sale110*35mm5.08
05TWH 140-140manufacturer for sale140*140mm9.4206TWH 150-150manufacturer for sale150*150mm11.70
07TWH 60-160manufacturer for sale60*160mm3.8408TWH 60-200manufacturer for sale200*60mm4.45
09TWH 200-200manufacturer for sale200*200mm15.8010
11TWS 20-250 manufacturer for sale250*25mm6.4012TWS 16-298manufacturer for sale298*16mm6.50

We will keep the form updated, if you have any questions, please contact with our sales manager or, we will reply during 24 hours.