Guarantee on WPC composite products

  • Toowin was recommended by my supplier in China. very honest and professional.

  • We are very pleased with our terrace, Toowin is good supplier in China.

  • We recieved the samples. They looks good. Thank you. We can discuss about an order after Spring festival in February aprox.

  • I just received the samples. I really like them. It fits very well into our aluminum frame system. There are so many colors it is hard to choose which ones we like the best.

Hefei Tuwei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the supply of outdoor WPC composite products.

Over the years, through continuous experience accumulation and cooperation with relevant higher research institutions, it has formed its own core technology and has already developed a series of relatively complete series of WPC composite product and has its own brand.

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Toowin™ traditional classifies all traditional Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) or we called the first generation WPC, which is the first WPC products we do in China from the end of 20th century, which formula is 55% wood fibers, 30% HDPE and 15% Chemical additives, Because of the wood look, but better than wood, so it is welcomed by all market.

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Toowin™ unique classifies all 3D wood grain Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), which still belongs to the first generation. But through production technical improvement, 3D wood grain are on the WPC surface, so it increased the woodiness and changed the characteristics of 2D wood grain easily disappearing in the past, at the same time it increased the surface hardness of the product and improved anti-skid performance.

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Toowin™ improved classifies all PE-extrusion Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) or we called the second generation WPC, which technology is from north America. the main technical feature is that there is protective layer on the surfaces which is modified PE, this protective layer makes WPC unparalleled performance and long-lasting aesthetics, especially in terms of UV protection, wear resistance, extending service life......

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Toowin™ advanced classifies all ASA-extrusion Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) which is new technology with foaming technique. It has two layers same as PE co-extrusion, the protective layer is ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene acrylate copolymer) material, ASA has stronger weather resistance, UV resistance, high or low-temperature resistance, better corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and also an anti-static material, it has better mechanical and physical properties than PE, so by technical improvement, the material are used in WPC to promote the a better product. The core part is PVC, bamboo fibers and other chemical additives, and it uses foaming technology to change the weight of WPC panels in the past, so we can say it is a true innovation of WPC and will definitely become the main product in the market.

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Toowin™ advanced classifies all featured Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). With the gradual expansion of the WPC market and the continuous improvement of technology, a series of new featured WPC products were born, such as aluminum co-extrusion WPC, elastic co-extrusion WPC, three-layer co-extrusion WPC......, The birth of these special WPC products is to meet the special needs of some customers and the market, we have many different kinds of featured WPC waiting for your inquiry.

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Toowin™ pro classifies all promotion products from TOOWIN. The main purpose is to help certain special customers or meet the needs of special markets, we choose some products through cooperation between the company's technical department and the procurement department to do the promotion. These products may be affected by the market, exchange rate, raw materials, supply quantiy, different season, etc. So please pay attention to the company information or contact the sales manager for details.

In one word, we classifies all different brands to make the purchase more clearly and easily, and show you we have different range of WPC compoiste products, we believe there is one of our products that fit your requests.